Who We Are.

Gian DiBella

President and Founder

Nestor Nazario

Director of Marketing

James Gilliam

Director of Programs

JR McCutcheon

Director of Logistics

Herbie Hancock


What We Do.

For Veterans, By Veterans.

Operation Home Shores, Inc. is a 100% volunteer organization. All proceeds from any fundraising efforts go 100% to helping veterans find healing.We specialize in kayak fishing adventures, hunting, and camping retreats for Military Veterans.Fishing is a release from the stress. We provide a service FOR VETERANS, BY VETERANS. It is important to raise awareness within our community of the benefits that recreational therapy can have on our Heroes. Helping those who have fought for our freedom by introducing a healthy lifestyle, an outlet for frustration, assistance with re-integration, and personally guided trips with fellow compassionate Veterans.

Always Aiming to Improve.

Our mission is to promote fellowship, physical activity, mental fitness, perseverance, and compassion through an open connection with the outdoors. We are committed to the possibilities of healing through introduction of these activities as a means to introduce healthy outlets. Our pledge is to honor the enduring sacrifices of veterans and their families on an individual level through our community inclusive recreational therapy program. Always aiming to improve the wellbeing of those we serve.

Stiving to Meet Needs.

Our team is comprised of extraordinary individuals from the community who strive to meet the needs of Veterans in need of a healthy outlet. We focus our activities on strengthening fellowship and the network of adaptive resources for veterans. As part of our program we offer gatherings in an outdoors setting to enjoy a variety of healing recreation. This promotes healing through camaraderie, providing ample opportunities for veterans to learn new skills and build their network of support while engaging the outdoors. Though our focus through much of the year is fishing related programs such as fly casting, fly tying seminars, and inshore and offshore fishing, our network of supporters provide many other adventure based retreats for veterans. Other team building retreats involve camping, hunting, and domestic agriculture through partner organizations and sponsors.